Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Colorzilla + Firefox topright flickering bugfix

A'ight. This isn't a bugfix in the sense that it fixes the behavior, but it atleast hides it. This is a "permanent" solution, unless you undo these changes in the file concerned (which you can do at all times).

So fire up your userChrome.css file, which resides in your Application Settings folder (Win+R to open the run command dialogue window, and execute %appdata%) -> Mozilla -> Firefox -> [profile] -> Chrome. Open userChrome.css in your favorite text editor (can be as simple as notepad) and add the following line:

/* colorzilla bug so just removing top-right status bar, by neuroxik */
statuspanel#colorzilla-top-statusbar-display { display:none !important; }

Save the file (as userChrome.css is you happen to have opened the one with a "-example" appended to the filename) and restart Firefox.