Friday, July 24, 2009

phpFlickr - return 'extras' array from favorites_getPublicList()

I figured this might help someone because as of using one of Flickr's php API class (phpFlickr class,, I wanted to fetch extra data from favorites_getPublicList() through the 'extras' argument but the class returned nothing. Of course, this is not a major issue, and Dan Cloutier already made a great job at putting this class together, but just in case you want to get these variables, here's how I did it.

  1. Open phpFlickr.php
  2. Go to line #664 or so if you have version, or simply find (ctrl+F) by "favorites_getPublicList"
  3. After the function open brackets, before the return values, insert the following:
    if(is_array($extras)) $extras = implode(",", $extras);
  4. Save File and have fun.
Hope this helps.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eminem - Dr. West (skit) lyrics [Relapse (2009)]

title: Dr. West (skit)
artist: Eminem
album: Relapse
typed by: neuroxik

Dr. West: (good) morning Marshall
Em: Good morning, Doc'
Dr: So we're discharging you today, how are you feeling?
Em: Uh, anxious...
Dr: Anxiety
Em: Well, anxious to get home, anxious to get back into the world... nervous
Dr: Nervous?! [chuckles] Common' Marshall, you're a big boy now, you sound like a little bit of a baby, you can do this. You found a sponsor yet?
Em: Uhm, not yet, but I mean, when I get back..
Dr: Well, if you find one, you find one; if you don't, you don't
Em: Well, yeh I mean, I gotta start goin' to meetings first and, wait, what?
Dr: Well, I mean you don't absolutely have to go to meetings and it's not like... a requirement. And if they fit in your schedule, I know you're a busy person..
Em: Well yeh, but, I thought sobriety was the most important thing..
Dr: So what else are you thinkin'?
Em: Uhm, well, I know I gotta start practising the steps, I mean learn 'em and start bein' able to apply 'em..
Dr: The steps?
Em: Yeh, the steps..
Dr: There's alot of them aren't there?
Em: Well, twelve..
Dr: Christ! I don't even know them all
Em: Really?
Dr: Anything else?
Em: Uhm, well, I mean the only other question I have is, like what do I do if I found myself in a
situation where, maybe somebody's drinkin' around me or something like that, and I get tempted to..
Dr: Take a drink
Em: What?
Dr: Take a drink! And, you know, (I mean), take the edge off
Em: Take the edge off?? Man, if I have a drink I already know what that's gonna lead me to
Dr: What, you mean these? [shakes bottle of pills]
Em: Now, what the fuck??
Dr: [voice toned down]
Marshall, what's the matter, darling? You having some doubts on me?
Marshall, you can't leave me, you'll never leave me, Marshall
We'll always be together, Marshall
Marshall! Marshaaall!
(Em whines at the same time):
Oh, no, no, no, common' man, ah fuck you man, no! no! no! no! noooooooo!
Oh shit